A Very Climbers Christmas Show will be a night to remember! Much like a standard dance recital, this holiday show will be your little acrobat's chance to perform aerial arts for family and friends. Outside of their standard class times, the participants will take part in extra practice sessions to work on the performance routine with their peers. 


Please have your acrobat arrive 30 minutes early (show time 7PM). The show will consist of two parts and will have a 20 minute intermission splitting the two parts. This is to be a special holiday event and we ask that spectators dress in semi-formal clothing to ensure a nice atmosphere for the performer’s special event!

Will be held at the gym:
13175 W Colonial Dr Winter Garden, FL 34787
admin-wg@gymnasticsusa.us | ​(407) 614-8361

Pricing for Participation:
$150.00 per participant which includes 3 practice sessions, event costs, 2 spectator tickets, and participant's costume!

If you prefer to break up payments just ask and we will create a plan for you. $75 minimum payment to RSVP spot.

Spectator Door Admissions:
(two tickets are included with acrobat entry)
$8.00........................Walking Child
$10.00............................Senior Citizens,

Military, Police, Fire, & Other First Responders.


Showtime: 7PM!

Spectator Notes:
Understand that due to limited seating, each performer is only guaranteed two spectator passes for their guests, which are included in the participation costs. Additional spectator tickets will go on sale on a first come first serve basis! If you would like to purchase extra tickets for family and friends you must act quickly before the show sells out! The night of the event, be sure to come early to get good seating as there are no assigned seats! Seat preferences will be available on a first come first serve basis. Doors open one hour prior to show time at 6PM (Show begins at 7PM and performers are to arrive no later than 6:30PM). 

silks show 01-compr.jpg

To ensure a great and special performance, these special practices will be closed doors to families and friends. You will be permitted, of course, to stay at the gym but will not be permitted into the practice area. These private practice sessions will not only ensure the performers receive the sense of creating something special toward the goal of impressing their family and friends but will also create a more productive atmosphere for creating and placing together the performance routine. It is also important to realize that these special practices will have a lot of “downtime” for individual performers, as routines are devised and perfected based on individual roles and abilities. Your acrobat may be required to standby for a good amount of time at each practice. This is of course a standard practice for any performance group. Therefore it is recommended that you send your acrobat to these special practices with their own entertainment to keep them occupied during these downtime moments in practice, such as books and personal electronic devices. Furthermore, we encourage you to send your athlete with water and snacks should they get hungry during their practice time.

3 Mandatory Additional Practices



Friday is "Dress Rehearsal". Mon, Wed, and Fri classes are canceled and make ups are available.


Very Important:
These additional practices are very important and are required for participation in the performance. It must be realized that if your acrobat does not attend the majority of practices it will compromise the entire group’s ability to perform on show night; everyone’s part in the performance is crucial for the success of the whole. Because of the fact that all must depend on each other in the performance, if your acrobat misses many of these special practices he/she may be refused the opportunity to perform on show night. If you must miss a practice, it has to be pre-approved by the head instructor. If your acrobat is not able to perform on show night due to absences (or for any other reason), a refund will not be issued.