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The Ninja Kidz team members individually compete in NNL and UNAA ninja-style competitions. Although these competitions are individual, the team will train together and attend meets together. Workout times are Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday from 7:00pm-8:30pm. The special focus of Ninja Kidz is progressive & safe Obstacle course training, physical development, positive teaching, and motivating mentorship. Ninja Kidz takes seriously the impact coaches and instructors have on children as mentors. We pride ourselves on providing positive feedback, progressive training, and safety.

Practice Schedule:
Mondays, Tuesdays & Thursdays (7PM-8:30PM).

Practice Hours Weekly:
4.5 hours per week.


Special Note: Schedule, weekly practice hours, and therefore tuition may increase over time as the team becomes more developed and requires more practice hours to meet growing demands. Team members will always be given proper notice in the event this becomes necessary.

Age Acceptance Criteria:
7-17 years old.

Make Ups & Pro-Ration:
As much as Gymnastics USA would like to offer make up days for team members, due to the nature of team practices and planning it is often an impossible logistical task. In regards to pro-rating missed days, this is also something we, unfortunately, cannot do.

The Ninja Kidz Team is an exclusive club for members who are invited to take their ninja skills to the next step, with this there comes a great commitment. You must understand that you are paying to be a part of the team, this is likened to paying to be a part of a Golf Club; whether or not you attend the club, your membership fees are still due. This is because staffing and other resources are allocated based on how many team members we have in a given time period.

Therefore, although we want to, and would love to be able to, we simply cannot offer pro-ration or make ups for missed days, regardless of the cause. We are always wanting to help and ensure that you are happy to be a part of our Ninja & G.USA Family, if you have concerns just ask and we will do the best we can to help.


Head of the Program:  
Ultimately the Head of the Program is the Ninja Kidz Vice President, Garrett Concialdi. Garrett ensures the program's success through his Head Coach, Dave Jeanneus. Coach Dave is an experienced Ninja Coach with a passion for the program, although he may make use of assistant coaches, he is the day to day representative for the Ninja Kidz Team.

Events and Competitions:
The training will mainly focus on freestyle and creative movement; while also preparing the student for Ninja Obstacle Course Competitions to promote a healthy, competitive atmosphere. Competitions are structured differently based on who is hosting them. Registration pricing is based off the host and governing body overseeing the event.
Some links are provided below for various competitions.


Ninja Kidz on the team will be required to purchase, and wear, special compression style Ninja Kid uniform. The costs for these shirts is $30.

How to Join Team:
One must be invited by the Head Coach or submit a request to do a try-out!