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The Gymnastics USA competitive girls and boys team compete USAG and AAU. Workout times and details vary by level and team. The special focus of Gymnastics USA is progressive & safe gymnastics, positive teaching, and motivating mentorship. Gymnastics USA takes seriously the impact coaches and instructors have on children as mentors. We pride ourselves on providing positive feedback, progressive training, and safety.

Our huge new elite training center is furnished with the actual equipment used in the 2017 World Championships (Yes, this literally is the equipment on which they competed!) including the world renowned Moscow Floor, known as the most state of the art and safest floor in the world!

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Coach Zander
Co-Owner, Coach Zander is the Head Coach of the team but he is not team management. On certain occasions, if required, management can arrange for face to face meetings or direct communication with the Head Coach, Senior Coaches, and Lead Coaches. The Head Coach is responsible for on-site leadership and is master of all curriculum, education, and scheduling. All other management issues and any direct non-face to face communication should be done through “Team Management”

Coach NICK

asst head coach


All management related items are handled through a management team which exists primarily offsite. All questions and concerns are to be addressed through this one entity, regardless of the subject matter.

The management team can get team parents the answers to anything relating to the team and its many aspects, ranging from tuition, CPS Dues, meet information, uniforms, practice scheduling, staffing, coaching concerns, etc. The management team is the official liaison for concerns regarding gymnasts and their gymnastics progress. The management team consults with coaching staff to get direct answers and arranges face to face parent/coach meetings or calls when requested.

When at the gym, the Head Coach (Zander) is the representative for the team as a whole and if it pertains to coaching matters. The Head Coach, Lead Coaches, and Senior Coaches can answer concerns directly on site face to face but written communication is to go through the team management.

Points of contact:
management@teamgusa.us & “I am G.USA” profile on the Band app.


Senior Coaches are coaches who hold curriculum authority and education leadership positions at the facility, however they are not management. Regarding education and training techniques, Senior Coaches are second in command, under the Head Coach. They hold a deep level of knowledge and experience. This title is merit-based and can only be awarded by the Head Coach.

Coach NICK


Coach kristy


Lead Coaches are coaches who lead a level or program. They report to Team Management and the Head Coach. They help to be a liaison to these two entities and the Team Parents… they exist to do this and ensure a program is successful. They are a part of the management and leadership systems.

GIRLS team





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