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Gymnastics, Dance, and other after school activities for kids this is Climbers Aerial Silks and Arts
Climbers Aerial Arts and Acrobatics in Orlando Florida near Metro Gymnastics and Anti-Gravity

Aerial Silks & Lyra Aerial art activity has been growing trend globally with every passing year, due to it’s elegance, uniqueness, and dynamic presentation. The activity allows the perfect outlet for children and adults to partake in physical activities that promote gross motor skills, social skills, strength, flexibility, self-discipline, and fun.

Aerial Silks similar to dance like cirque du soleil orlando
Climbers Acrobatics in Winter Garden Florida, good for adult and children like dance and ballett and Anti-Gravity and Brandy Johnsons Gymnastics
Gymnastics USA is the Biggest Gymnastics Center in the State of Florida and has a huge aerial arts program like silks and lyra
Winter Garden West Orange Orlando Florida Climbers Aerial Silks Classes

In this class you will learn basic to advance techniques for aerial artistic movements in the discipline of Silks and Lyra. This unique class will enhance your strength, flexibility, and elegance, as well as, provide you with a new ability that you never thought was possible. Climbers Aerial Silks Program requires no experience in any discipline or sport. Climbers Silks Program is for ages 5+, opened for beginners (no artistic sport experience necessary) to professionals.

Martial Arts Winter Garden

All of this in a non-aggressive safe family environment perfect for all ages. Climbers IS rapidly growing a reputation as a ACTIVITY FAMILIES can trust and enjoy

Aerial Silks Climbes Acrobatics at Gymnastics USA Winter Garden
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