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Gymnastics USA Newsletter

FEB 2024 | ISSUE 02 | VOL 07



02/09/24: Open Gym
02/12/24: First G.USA Olympics Charge & Tuition
02/16/24: Valentine's Day PNO Bash
03/15/24 - 03/22/24: Spring Break Camp
05/18/24:  G.USA Olympics

Love is all around us at Gymnastics USA and what better way to show off that love and hard work than your gymnast showcasing what they’ve learned in class at the G.USA Olympics! The G.USA Olympics will be held on May 18th, 2024 and your little athlete is already enrolled! The fees that are coming out over the next 3 cycles include a uniform, Gold Medal and goodie bag, plus two spectator tickets!

Don’t forget to submit your uniform size! The deadline for the G.USA Olympics uniform order is February 17th.

Parents, since love is in the air this month, don't forget that our famous Valentine's Day Bash is on February 16th! You and your loved one can spend the evening together while your little one has fun in a safe environment! If you are a Gold member, don't forget this date night is on us. Pre-enroll your student today!

Open Gym is on February 9th this month - don’t forget this event is free for Silver and Gold Members too!

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