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Hi G.USA Families


I'm Nick, Education Director at Gymnastics USA, and I want to tell you about something cool that you are going to love... our Achievement Map!

If your child is a gymnast in our Red, White, and Blue program, you will receive this map! A place to track your milestones, important events, and other cool things here at G.USA.


About Our Achievement Map

Let's go through the achievements...

list 3.png
list 2.png

The first 4 achievements

can be accomplished through yourchild's My Skill Chart account, the app where skill progress is tracked. Each achievement is completing 25% of the skill chart. Each time 25% of the chart is complete you will receive a sticker to put on your achievement map like this.

02-Achievement Chart Stickers.jpg
03-Achievement Chart Stickers.jpg
04-Achievement Chart Stickers.jpg
05-Achievement Chart Stickers.jpg

To access your child's skill chart, just use this QR code... download... and enter your email! If there is no activity on the skill chart, just ask your child's coach or the front desk.

The rest are fun things

to receive a sticker like attending a birthday party or camp, taking a picture in front of the G.USA mural, or just being with usfor over a year

13-Achievement Chart Stickers.jpg
06-Achievement Chart Stickers.jpg
09-Achievement Chart Stickers.jpg
10-Achievement Chart Stickers.jpg
11-Achievement Chart Stickers.jpg
07-Achievement Chart Stickers.jpg
12-Achievement Chart Stickers.jpg

If you complete the whole map

you will be rewarded with this cool T-Shirt and a shout out on social media! So grab your map today, and place it on the fridge, it's a fun experience for the whole family.

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