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Achievement Map

It' a jungle at G.USA! Collect all the stickers by attending class and making progress on the Skills of the Week. Each sticker represents 3 skills. Your child's coach will hand out the sticker to place on their Achievement Map. Place the character sticker on the right spot. Collect all the skill stickers to get a certificate and be evaluated for the next level. Collect the bonus stickers at the front desk, if you achieve them all you win a free t-shirt!

Girls & Boys map
Ninja Kidz map
Group 3.png
Group 2.png
Group 1.png
Ninja Kidz Achievement Map  8.5 x 11.jpg
Jungle map.jpeg
Ninja Kidz







U 1 x 1.png

Floor: Forward Roll
Bars: Chin Hold

Vault: Proper Run

Floor: Cartwheel Step In
Bars: Glide Swing

Vault: Straddle Through

Floor: Cartwheel Step In
Bars: Kip

Vault: Front Handspring on Resi


S 1 x 1.png

Tramp: Straight, Tuck, Straddle Jump

Beam: Basic Mount, Pivot Turn

Floor: Rock n Roll to Squat

Tramp: Back Drop On Resi

Beam: V Sit Mount

Floor: Candle Stick Straight Jump

Tramp: Back Drop

Beam: V Sit Snap Mount

Floor: Back Extension Roll


A 1 x 1.png

Floor: L Kick
Bars: Pull Over w/ Barrel

Vault: Arm Circle Hurdle

Floor: Back Bend/Kick Over
Bars: Pull Over

Vault: Shoulder Blocks

Floor: Back Walkover
Bars: Leg Cut

Vault: Front Handspring on Vault


T-rex 1 x 1 copy.png

Tramp: Jump Full Turn

Beam: Releve

Floor: Handstand

Tramp: Belly Drop On Resi

Beam: Step Leap

Floor: 1 Arm Cartwheel

Tramp: Peanut Roll

Beam: Split Jump

Floor: Back Handspring Step Out


Monkey 1 x 1 copy.png

Floor: Chasse
Bars: Support Hold

Vault: Hops on Spring Board

Floor: Heel Snap
Bars: Leg Cut

Vault: Bounces to Handstand

Floor: Full Heel Snap
Bars: Mill Circle

Vault: Back Tuck Off Vault Table


Sloth 1 x 1 copy.png

Tramp: Seat Drop

Beam: Step Kicks

Floor: Bridge Rocks

Tramp: Donkey Kicks

Beam: Straight/Tuck Jump

Floor: Kick Over

Tramp: Swivel Hips

Beam: In Line Handstand

Floor: Front Walkover


Rabbit 1 x 1 copy.png

Floor: Step Leap
Bars: Casts

Vault: Straight, Tuck, Straddle Jump

Floor: Handstand Forward Roll
Bars: Back Hip Circle

Vault: Kick to Handstand Flatback

Floor: Front Walk Over
Bars: Straddle On Dismount

Vault: Front Tuck


Girl Monkey 1 x 1 copy.png

Tramp: Doggy Drop

Beam: Coupe, Passe

Floor: Cartwheel

Tramp: Seat Drop to Doggy Drop

Beam: T Position Lever

Floor: Straight Arm Backward Roll

Tramp: Front Tuck

Beam: Heel Snap

Floor: Front Handspring


Cat 1 x 1 copy.png

Floor: Cartwheel
Bars: Forward Roll to Chin Hold

Vault: Squat On

Floor: Hitch Kick
Bars: Undershoot Dismount

Vault: Run, Jump to Handstand

Floor: Switch Leap
Bars: Back Hip Circle, Undershoot

Vault: Round Off on Resi


Tiger 1 x 1 copy.png

Tramp: Split Jump

Beam: Arabesque

Floor: Backward Roll

Tramp: Doggy Drop to Belly Drop

Beam: Squat Pivot

Floor: Round Off

Tramp: Back Tuck

Beam: Cartwheel

Floor: Aerial


Gorilla 1 x 1 copy.png

Floor: Straight Jump, Tuck Jump, Stick
Bars: Tuck Swings

Vault: Jump Stick

Floor: Power Hurdle Round Off
Bars: Jump Straddle On Drill

Vault: Handstand Flat Back

Floor: RO Back Handspring
Bars: Straight Leg Pullover

Vault: Round Off on Vault Table


Eagle 1 x 1 copy.png

Tramp: Back/Belly Drop Positions

Beam: Straight Jump Dismount

Floor: Sit Ups

Tramp: Swivel Hip Drill

Beam: Side Handstand Dismount

Floor: Hollow Hold

Tramp: Round Off Back Handspring

Beam: Handstand Turn Dismount

Floor: Back Handspring

achievement map stickers.png

If you complete the whole map

you will be rewarded with this cool T-Shirt and a shout out on social media! So grab your map today, and place it on the fridge, it's a fun experience for the whole family.

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