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2021 G.USA Olympics will be taking place, however, this year it will not be an auto-enroll program. To enroll CLICK HERE!

May 15th, 2021




Annually, Gymnastics USA hosts a recreational event designed so our athletes can showcase to their family and friends the skills they have acquired and accomplished! THIS is the event of the year! It is everything the athletes and performers are working toward during their recreational classes. This fun-filled event is done in the style of a competitive competition without the scores or critiques. All participants will receive A Personal Gold Medal, Participant’s Entry Fee, Participant's Uniform, 2 Admission Tickets, Event Goodie Bag, and Lunch for participant!. This is a special day for all of our athletes to shine and make their parents proud. Our Climbers Aerial Acrobats participate by performing our grand "Olympic" Opening Ceremony!


Remember when the Olympics are over, classes still remain the same. The Olympics does not mark the end of classes, your child will stay enrolled in their regularly scheduled class. 

Class groups that can participate:
Red-White-Blue Program (5-12 y/o gymnastics classes)
Advanced Preschool (3-4 y/o gymnastics classes)
The Ribbon Club (3-4 y/o gymnastics classes)
Tumbling Classes
Ninja Kidz Classes
Climbers Aerial Silks Classes

For the year of 2021 only, we will be doing opt-in instead of opt-out for the G.USA Olympics. For 2021, if you would like to participate please fill out this form. For the 2022 G.USA Olympics, we will return to our standard that all Recreational Athletes will automatically be enrolled in this event.

Athletes must wear the uniform assigned to them based on the program they are in (“costume” for our performing Climbers Aerial Acrobats). You can submit your child's 
size for this at the front desk or on our website. Keep in mind that in the Red-White-Blue Program the uniforms may be color coded per level, so you will need to know your child’s level. Ensure your athlete wears the correct uniform color. Uniforms are included in the pricing!

Ninjas: You will receive a special shirt for the Olympics this year, please have your wristbands on at the event and wear black pants or shorts!


There will be multiple sessions on the day of the big event. As the date comes near, athletes will be placed into their appropriate sessions. You will be notified three weeks before the event of what session you are in. 5-12 y/o gymnasts, and Ninja Kidz should plan on being at the event for 2-3 hours. Preschool Age gymnasts and +5 y/o Tumblers should plan on a 1.5-2 hour event. Our Climbers Aerial Acrobatic performers should plan on being at the event for appx 1 hour. Advanced Preschool Age gymnasts: your children will be following the 5-12 year old schedule.

Participant’s Entry Fee
Participant's Uniform
2 Admission Tickets
Gold Medal Award
Event Goodie Bag
Lunch for participant

(Although the Climbers Acrobatic performance is very short, they will however receive extra group practice lessons leading up to the event, which is included in their Olympic fee. This practices will be announced separately to those acrobats)

Spectator Door Admissions:
(two tickets are included with athlete entry)
$4.00........................Walking Child
$6.00............................Senior Citizens, Military,
Police, Fire, & Other First Responders.


Please note this event is recommended for athletes 3 - 12 years old and athletes 13+ can opt-in for this event as well. 

 For the 2021 G.USA Olympic's we will be doing Opt-in due to the current circumstances. For 2022 we will go back to everyone automatically being enrolled into the G.USA Olympics as it is part of the program. This is an additional charge and will be charged to the card on file upon filling out the proper form. Remember, similar to dance recitals in dance programs, this is a special event that all recreational athletes and performers are automatically enrolled for.

PLEASE NOTE: Advance Preschool gymnasts will be charged the same as our RWB recreational gymnasts and will receive an RWB uniform.

If the G.USA Olympics is canceled due to a government-issued shutdown, no refunds are possible. All families will receive a monetary credit on their G.USA account.  

Uniforms included in pricing!

Uniforms included in pricing!

Be sure to come a few minutes early in order to have time to check your athlete in, get some snacks, get good seats, and sign up for raffles and other fun! The event will begin with an Olympic Style Opening Ceremony from the “Climbers”! Climbers Aerial Arts & Fitness are Gymnastics USA’s acrobatic partners. The performance will be done by beginners and advanced acrobatic students from the facility. After the Climbers perform their 7-10 minute Opening Ceremony, they will do their bows and receive their goodie bags (which will contain a gold medal! They do not do an award ceremony as they are performers not “competitors”). The Climbers are free to go or stay to watch the other athletes “compete” after their opening ceremony performance.


After a few announcements, our Olympic athletes will march in and be introduced by groups of levels. This includes preschool age gymnasts, 5-12 y/o gymnasts, our tumblers, and our Ninja Kidz. The athletes partake in a brief stretch and warm up prior to marching in. Just like in a real Olympic style competition, athletes will then go to all of the Olympic events and perform their routines one by one. Their fellow teammates will watch as their peers perform routines. Although our older athletes have actual routines they are learning in classes, the preschool age (Ribbon Club) participants will go through their Skills Course similar to the one they do in gymnastics class, as well as two other events, but this time it will be on a larger scale and on the main floor. Unlike in gymnastics class, this is their performance and their time to shine for you! Be sure to have the camera ready to take lots of pictures, you won’t want to miss capturing this adorable moment when your little gymnast is in their Olympic style uniform showing you all the moves they have!


Each event rotation is expected to last about 20 minutes, during that time each athlete performs one routine on the event- so be sure not to miss your child’s turn! Keep an eye on them the entire time. There will be multiple groups going on simultaneously and no announcements when particular athletes begin their turn. There will be four event rotations throughout the session for our 5-12 year old gymnasts, our Advance Preschool gymnasts, and for our Ninja Kids.


For our regular preschool age gymnasts (Ribbon Club) and our tumblers, there will only be 3 events. These two groups that are only doing 3 events will end prior to the other groups and have their own private award ceremony while the other groups complete their session. During the award ceremonies, athletes will walk up the award podium, receive their gold medal, and be released to parents.


It is important to note that this is not a drop and go event, there will be no sign out procedures. Please be attentive to where your child is during the award ceremony and the entire event.
After the awards, you may meet and greet with coaches
and enjoy some food on your way out!


Climbers Silks Extra Practices:



Once you fill out the opt-in form, you are able to withdraw by March 8th. When you withdraw, you are only eligible for a monetary credit on your G.USA account. No refunds are possible.