At this time we will be rescheduling our annual G.USA Olympics, all members who made payments toward this event will retain that credit for the Olympics. We of course, will not be taking the final (April) payment at this time but will freeze this until we have confirmation on the plans. Based on how things proceed, we hope to do this event in August. No final decisions have been made to the rescheduling as we wait to see progress and follow recommendations
given by the CDC and our local government.






For all our members who partake in two different programs, you will automatically be placed into only one program to participate in for the G.USA Olympics. Most of you will be defaulted into the Red-White-Blue program for your Olympics performance. However, if you would prefer to participate in a different program to which your child’s participates, please fill out the form found below.

Those of you who are dual enrolled in the Climbers program and another program will be automatically placed into the Climber’s Olympics. If you would prefer your child to be placed into their other program, please fill out the form found below. Recall, this is the smaller pricing bracket as your child will only be participating in the “Opening Ceremony” portion (5-10 minute performance).

Lastly, we would love to see all that the athletes have accomplished. Therefore, if you would like your child to showcase their skills from both or all of their programs, please let us know by filling out the form found below.

You are more than welcomed to participate in two or more of your enrolled programs for the Olympics, if this is your choosing. However, please keep in mind that to participate in two separate programs for the Olympic event, you will have to pay an additional two payments for that program and your participation for that program will be in a different session than your first.


Please note this event is recommended for athletes 3 - 12 years old and athletes 13+ can opt in for this event but are not automatically enrolled.
If you are enrolled in classes, you are automatically scheduled into the G.USA Olympics, as it is a part of the program. This is an additional charge annually which will automatically be added to your tuition. The charge is spread out into three $39 ($33 for preschool, tumblers, and Climbers’ acrobats) payments and are applied throughout February, March, & April; again, this is automatic and will be applied to your tuition. If you are unable to participate (out of town, etc.) you must submit a Removal Form. Remember, similar to dance recitals in dance programs, this is a special event that all recreational athletes and performers are automatically enrolled for.
To voluntarily remove your child, go to the bottom of this page and find the removal button.
PLEASE NOTE: Advance Preschool gymnasts will be charged the same as our RWB recreational gymnasts and will receive an RWB uniform.


charge dates:
02/17/20 | 03/16/20 | 04/13/20

Uniforms included in pricing!

Climbers Silks Extra Practices:

5/04/2020 - 7 to 9pm

5/06/2020 - 7 to 9pm

5/07/2020 - 7 to 9pm

5/11/2020 - 7 to 9pm

5/13/2020 - 7 to 9pm

5/15/2020 - 5 to 7pm


Although you are permitted to drop out of the Olympics, it is highly recommended not to do so. The Olympics is the culmination of the recreational program every year. If you decide to drop out you must do so before March 2nd.
If you drop out after any payments have been applied, you will only be permitted a credit of amounts paid (not a refund). No credits or refunds will be issued if you miss the drop out date.
Drop has to be made through the below form.

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