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G.Club USA is a private program at Gymnastics USA, where team families can propose fundraising ideas, and volunteer their time, in order to raise monies to be applied to their Gymnastics USA Tuition or Team G.USA CPS Dues.

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Not all fundraising activities will be approved, and Gymnastics USA reserves the right to decline a fundraiser concept including reserving the right to charge fees for usage of the company’s resources and usage of brand name. After such items are considered and proposed and after any hard costs are paid, all proceeds for fundraiser will go equally to the families involved in the fundraiser. All costs, fees, and expenses must be pre-approved in writing by all parties involved before fundraiser is officially approved.


Monies raised can be applied as non-refundable credit to their respective G.USA accounts in a manner they choose. Only the families participating in the specific fundraiser will receive the funds from the monies raised after fees and costs. This is not a 501(c)3, not-for-profit company. This is a private fundraising activity that Gymnastics USA, LLC will be liable for taxes on, thus the need to charge fees and the reservation of the right to be very selective in fundraising concepts.

*Volunteer hours can only be applied to Gymnastics USA Tuition, not Team G.USA CPS Dues or uniforms. For CPS Dues and uniforms only hard fundraising will be eligible. For questions or concerns, please speak to the General Manager.

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