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APRIL 2020 | ISSUE 4 | VOL 3

Gymnastics USA Newsletter




Dear Families,

I personally want to thank you for the support you have shown our club by remaining with us this past tuition cycle even though we had to be closed for much of the term. Also, an additional thanks must be given to our incredible competitive team families, many of whom have paid full tuition for the month of April to help support the gym. These families did this while knowing we are unable to open for this entire month. This support is heartwarming and overwhelming.

This is a very troubling time for every American. At Gymnastics USA, we are trying very hard to stay alive as a Winter Garden company so that we can return and continue to serve our community. We are a privately owned business and this crisis has hit us hard, as it has many businesses and families across the nation. Many of our friends in the gymnastics community have already had to close their club doors permanently, we are determined not to meet this fate.

As you may know, we have created the Gymnastics Home Learning platform and are providing full-curriculum virtual classes 5 days a week to each of our students. Your child can watch these classes and upload their progress via video directly onto their skill charts from home. Our coaches are going online daily to provide feedback to our student’s video submissions. This is one way we can continue to keep limited staff on payroll during this difficult time. We are trying to do more and are working hard to ensure we can begin to pay all our staff during this period, but as a local business, we need the help of our families.

At this time we removed everyone’s normal tuition brackets and lowered our automated tuition draft for each student to our new Home Learning tuition, $29.95 per cycle. This bracket will provide you with all the benefits of the Home Learning program and virtual feedback and of course, will help support the club during this period. Not only this but we are still going to be honoring all make-up classes for the missed weeks and we will be initiating free events for those who stay with us during this difficult time.

Families who are financially struggling should not pay us tuition at this time. Therefore, we have established a temporary “account freeze” option. If you must freeze your account, you can do so now at no penalty whatsoever. Your membership will remain intact, your class day, your coach, your class time, and your make-ups from the previous days missed. We are here to support our wonderful community for anyone who needs it. To those who are able, we graciously ask for your support. If you are unable to pay the Home Learning tuition bracket during this time, simply click the link below. If you are able to stay in the Home Learning program, to support the gym and for your child to benefit from the offering, you have our sincere and humble thanks.

We are a strong people here in Winter Garden and Greater Orlando… we will all be back soon to our normal and beautiful lives… this too shall pass.

Humbly at your service,


Austin Arthur

Co-Founder & President | Gymnastics USA

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    Active accounts will only $29.95 per child for the tuition cycle on April 13th. This is the price for our new Home Learning Program which are virtual classes where the students upload video progress of their skills and our actual coaches (from home) provide feedback on their skill chart. This is now being giving to every active student. Not only that, but we will be honoring make-up tokens and will be providing some extra free events for those that stick with us during this tough time.
    In addition to our make-up class tokens, your child can watch our daily virtual classes, upload their progress into their skill charts via video, and receive online feedback from our actual coaches. > You are enrolled FREE, while classes are closed due to Coronavirus > This is for recreational and competitive gymnastics (boys and girls, good for all ages) > You can login to your portal now to view your child's skill chart (You MUST choose "Home Learning" as the organization upon login) > Virtual Classes 5 days a week for your child to partake in. > Classes are focused on flexibility, strength, and gymnastics skills safe for home.
    At this moment, for clients that are financially struggling, we are allowing temporary account freezes while our doors are closed (without having to provide a drop notice). If you need to do an account freeze, you will not be charged while during closure. However, once we reopen our doors, you will still retain your spot, not have to renew your membership, and automatically go back into the already set cycle payments. We do not normally allow such freezes, but are trying to help families who are currently in need. We are hoping clients that are able to keep their account open, do so, and do not freeze. We are a local privately owned business and truly need the support from our community in order to stay in business… from those who can of course. Those that do not freeze their accounts will keep accumulating make-ups, stay enrolled in virtual classes (receiving coach's feedback) and will be able to attend free special events we will be establishing once we reopen. Again, this will not be your normal tuition rate but $29.95 for the virtual learning (classes online and coach feedback to your video uploads all from home).
    At this time we will be rescheduling our annual G.USA Olympics, all members who made payments toward this event will retain that credit for the Olympics. We of course, will not be taking the final (April) payment at this time but will freeze this until we have confirmation on the plans. Based on how things proceed, we hope to do this event in August. No final decisions have been made to the rescheduling as we wait to see progress and follow recommendations given by the CDC and our local government.
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