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Gymnastics USA Newsletter

02/11/22 - Valentine's Day PNO Bash
02/14/22 - First G.USA Olympics Charge & Tuition
02/21/22 - President's Day Camp
02/25/22 - Open Gym

FEB 2022 | ISSUE 2 | VOL 05

What do we love? Gymnastics, of course, and we want you to love it too! What better way to display the love, and hard work that your gymnast has been putting into each class than our very own Olympics! The G.USA Olympics is kicking off and your little athlete is already enrolled! The fees that are coming out for the next 3 cycles include a medal and goodie bag the day of the event and two spectator tickets! It will also include a uniform! The uniform order deadline is February 19th!


We also have some very fun events in store! February 11th is our Valentine's day bash! Parents, don't miss out on date night! Pre-enroll your student today! We will also be holding our Open Gym on February 25th so don't forget to bring a friend!


When school is out, Camp G.USA is in! We will be having President's Day camp on February 21st! You can enroll for this camp day at the front desk!

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