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Gymnastics USA Newsletter

MAY 2021 | ISSUE 05 | VOL 04

BIGGEST Gym in Fla with slogan - Large P

5/05: Climber's Olympic Practice
5/07: Open Gym
5/10: Tuition Due
5/10: Climber's Olympic Practice
5/13: Climber's Olympic Practice
5/14: Closed for Classes
5/14: Ninja Kidz TV visit
5/15: Closed for Classes
5/26-28: Summer Camp Begins!
5/31: Closed for Memorial Day! 

The time has come! The G.USA Olympics will be held on May 15th! All the hard work your athlete has putinto their time here with us will be celebrated at thisimportant event! Don't forget to purchase extra door tickets, M.C. shout-outs, Olympic t-shirts, and roses via the Olympic Portal on our website! If your student is performing in the Opening Ceremony act with our Climbers Aerial Silks group, remember there are extra practices taking place on May 5th, May 10th, and May 13th! We will be closed for classes on Friday, May 14th, and Saturday, May 15th.


Set a reminder for the Open Gym taking place May 7th, Silver and Gold members get to participate in this event at no extra cost! Due to the special event taking place on May 15th, there will not be a Parent's Night Out bash this month! Look out for the next PNO date in June!

Looking for something fun and active for your kids to do this summer? Summer camp begins on May 26th, 2021! Be sure to secure your spot by contacting the front desk.


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We will be closed on Monday, May 31stfor Memorial day.

If you have any questions regarding the G.USA Olympics or any other event, please feel free to stop by the front desk, send us a text, or give us a call!

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