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Our Preschool Age Gymnastics instructors follow a gymnastics curriculum which helps them progress to our Red-White-Blue Program (5 year old and up). Many of the Red-White-Blue skills are included and are adapted to exercises which are perfect for the younger age group.​ The Ribbon Club Program is a fun and exciting program which holds an excellent introduction to gymnastics.

class details
Each class consists of 10 minute rotations so that the gymnasts are constantly on the move!​ ​​Each class includes a Gymnastics Olympic Event so the children are introduced to the basic fundamentals of the sport! ​

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Our Preschool Age Gymnastics Program is for boys and girls ages 3-4 years old.​ ​​In this program children focus on learning gross-motor skills, coordination, and fitness with a focus on the sport of gymnastics. ​The class is 60 minutes.

Every month these gymnasts will receive a special achievement ribbon for all of their hard work, your little gymnasts will love to see how many colors he/she can collect!

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